1. Write the ratio in the simplest form. 50:10 (a) 25:5 (b) 10:2 (C) 5:1* (D) 1:5

QuestionsCategory: Math1. Write the ratio in the simplest form. 50:10 (a) 25:5 (b) 10:2 (C) 5:1* (D) 1:5
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1. Write the ratio in the simplest form.

(a) 25:5
(b) 10:2
(C) 5:1*
(D) 1:5

2. Solve the following proportion.

(a) p=5.25
(b) p=8
(c) p=10.5*
(d) p=42

3. Chris’s uncle has a model car. The model is 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. The actual cars is 75 inches long. What is the car’s actual width, if we assume the model’s proportions are accurate? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth of an inch?

(a) 25 inches
(b) 37.5 Inches*
(c) 150 inches
(d) 225 inches

4. Find the unit rate for 521 miles in 14 hours.

(a) 0.03 miles/hour*
(b) 37.21 miles/hour
(c) 521 miles/hour
(d) 7,294 miles/hour

5. In six months, 33.6 gallons were used. Find the unit rate.

(a) 3.6 gallons/month*
(b) 4.6 gallons/month
(c) 5.6 gallons/month
(d) 6.6 gallons/month

6. On a recent day, one U.S. dollar was worth o.81 euros. If you were to exchange 222 euros, how many U.S. dollar would you receive?


7. The sides of a rectangle are increased by a scale factor of 4. The perimeter of the smaller rectangle is 20cm. What is the perimeter of larger rectangle?

(a) 320cm
(b) 80cm
(c) 120cm*
(d) 60cm

8. A right triangle has an area of 13m2. The dimensions of the triangle are increased by a scale factor of 3. What is the area of the new triangle?

(a) 39m2
(b) 169m2*
(c) 117m2
(d) 142m2

9. What was the apparent scale factor of the dilation used to produce quadrilateral P’Q’R’S’?

(a) 3/4
(b) 1/2*
(c) 2
(d) 4

10. The width of a poster board is 30 inches.Using scissors, you reduce the width of the poster board to 10 inches. what is the scale factor of the dilation?

(a) 1/3
(b) 1/10
(c) 3*
(d) 10

11. On a given blueprint, 1 inch = 30 feet. If the dimensions of a meeting room on the blueprint are 1.5 inches times 1.25, what are it’s actual measurements?

(a) 4.5 ft times 3.75 ft
(b) 20 ft times 24 ft
(c) 45 ft times 37.5 ft*
(d) 15 ft times 12.5 ft

12. Using 1 inch = 15 feet as the scale factor, what are the blueprint dimensions of a room in a model house that is actually 30 feet times 45 feet?

(a) 2 in times 3 in
(b) 3 in times 2 in
(c) 2 in times 2 in
(d) 3 in times 2 in

13. The scale of a map is 1 in: 75 mi. How many actual miles does 0.85 inches represent?

(a) 88.2 miles
(b) 63.75 miles*
(c) 95.6 miles
(d) 4,781.3 miles

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