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If you want to go back or continue attending school but are short of financial resources, you must learn the different types of scholarship grants you can apply for.

College Scholarship Grants

Colleges and universities allocate funds for students who want to pursue their studies provided they pass any of the 3 common scholarship grants: academic scholarship grant, athletic scholarship grant, and departmental award. All these require application but there are cases in while they are offered to students whom the school thinks really deserve.

Academic scholars are required to maintain an average grade during the school term. An athletic scholar on the other hand are given to athletes who have proven their worth in the sport they enter or extracurricular activity they joint into, While the departmental award is given to either attract or retain students to take a particular field of study.

Aside from college scholarship grants, there are several types of scholarships that are given by private organizations and institutions:

Religious organization

Religious organizations usually have allocated funds to their members who cannot afford to pay for college education. Checking on this would surely lead you to scholarship grant.


Many corporations today offer scholarship grants for several reasons: the corporation want to retain employees; the corporation wants to take care of individuals that they think could greatly increase the profitability of the company; and the corporation wants to take care of the students of certain communities.

Most of the time, there are grants that go un-awarded for the lack of applicants. You may check on company websites or ask from an employee of a certain company.

Private individual or organization

There is a certain number of individuals or organizations out there that are willing to finance the studies of students who cannot afford to pay for the tuition. Although the terms may not be fixed and may vary depending on the agreement of the applicant and the individual or organization, it is still one of the best scholarship grants available for they would not usually ask for return.


Many unions today offer scholarship grants; sometimes awarded to the children of the union member. Unions are rich sources of scholarship grants.

Local government

Local government also offers scholarship grants to their residents. This is another good source of scholarship since grantees are usually given a job after graduating.

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